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Trails 3: Trails Through the Tales  by  April    Brown

Trails 3: Trails Through the Tales by April Brown
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Pair 2, Book 1: Trails Through the TalesTime: 200 years in the futurePOV Characters: Tanna and ZellaAmbers descendants, Tanna and her mother, Zella, are garbage miners who each end up embroiled in their own fight for survival when one of the villas they trade with regularly begins acting strangely. Blake, the Webbel leader, has cut off access to the area west of the mines, and only allows digging to occur two weeks of the year. Roamers he has taken in are abusing women from unknown villas, locking them in pits. Zella has to try to heal the mental anguish of those who suffered at the hands and words of Blake.

As a spiritual leader, she thought she wanted her daughter to assume leadership responsibilities at Spring Trade. Not this way, though.Tanna would rather be a traveler, and a wanderer, to see villas she never dreamed of instead of assuming her mothers leadership role.

Instead, after rescuing Rusty and her younger brother Henry, she fights to save those in the villas who have not gone to the spring trade meeting. During the battle to save the villa, she is faced with her fear of a man her own age, Orid, whose intentions prove deadly for the women who remained at the winter villages.

In the battles, she fights to maintain the safety she has always know for future generations, while avoiding a return the ancestors battle ridden past.The tipping point between the rights of one, versus the rights of many, rest in their choices.

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