Everything Can Be Bought 1: Indecent Scarlett Skyes



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Everything Can Be Bought 1: Indecent  by  Scarlett Skyes

Everything Can Be Bought 1: Indecent by Scarlett Skyes
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 20 pages | ISBN: | 5.13 Mb

Prequel available free on the Scarlett Skyes site, see author bio belowOlivia Hull is having the most awkward meal of her life. She is sitting in a classy French restaurant and wearing expensive clothes and jewellery for the first time courtesy of the man sitting opposite her, billionaire Eric Lockwood.

She has just seen the engagement ring that means Eric is set to become the new man of the house and she is all too aware that he knows how to put an inexperienced brat like her in her place hard. She should be, after all his seed is already threatening to leak out from between her legs after their totally taboo encounter in his car on the way over here.The surprises dont stop there though, because what Eric Lockwood wants most of all is an heir, and he wants Olivia to provide it for him.

Will she be able to oppose his will, or will she end up ravished as she learns the harsh truth... Everything can be bought and this is a rich mans world?

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