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The Green Man  by  Henry Treece

The Green Man by Henry Treece
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Rousing retelling of legend upon which Shakespeares Hamlet is based: The First Nine Books of the Danish History of Saxo Grammaticus, actually books 3 and 4 or, to be more concise, Treece has rendered this in more or less modern English, in the style of a Norse Saga / the grimmest and most gruesome of the unexpurgated Grimms Kinder- und Hausmärchen, with elements of King of the Wood=Green Man fertility rites and garbled elements of Greek mythology.

I used the German title for Grimm- the original stories are more folklore than fairy tales. I feel fairy tales is a poor translation of the original German. I recommend this tale very highly. But some parts are not for the squeamish.Vendil, King of the Jutes and Amleths father, is murdered by his brother Feng, who usurps the throne. Amleth is sent to England, ostensibly to fight for King [in this version, Duke] Arthur. The two evil henchmen of his uncle who come along are murdered in Amleths place. Amleth does fight for Arthur, marries Elaine [Elene, in this version], then the couple escapes to Pictland.

Amleth, with the Pictish queen, Elekt, returns to Jutland and wreaks horrific vengeance on Feng and his court. The final return to Jutland, the action there and final conflagration was amazing! I felt this was the best part!! This tale was very readable and flowed smoothly. I liked Treeces retelling. Although it read like folklore, it was certainly more than the bare account of the original source material and much more entertaining.

I was surprised at how unpleasant the Arthurian characters and Beowulf [yes, he was in this story] all were.

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